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We’ve Got Castles!

  |   April 15, 2016  |  Comment

Okay, maybe not all of these buildings technically qualify, but they’ve got that magical mystique we’ve come to expect from traditional castles. Though these Hudson Valley fortresses weren’t designed to withstand sieges or house royalty, their stone walls have engaging stories to tell.

Bannerman Castle

Even in its dilapidated state, this abandoned surplus warehouse built to resemble a medieval Scottish castle is arrestingly beautiful. Erected in 1901 on a small island facing the Hudson Highlands, it lends an air of mystery—if only fleetingly—to hundreds of Metro North commutes each day. To visit the castle up close, you must be accompanied by a guide and willing to travel by boat.

Wing’s Castle

This enchanted B&B was built by the late artist Peter Wing and his wife Tori Ann, who shared his affinity for old things. The Gaudí-like house is filled with ethereal trinkets the couple had collected over the course of their relationship. Book a day tour to see the interior décor and exquisite outdoor stonework, built to resemble Stonehenge.


This 19th-Century Gothic revival country house sits in the midst of a 67-acre park featuring an exquisite rose garden and fernery. Today, the manor houses the private art collection of the estate’s original owner, robber baron Jay Gould. Guided tours of the gallery are open to the public and can be booked online.

The Mohonk Preserve Gatehouse

Built circa 1907 to commemorate the 50th wedding anniversary of Albert Smiley and his wife Eliza, this monumental gatehouse once served as the entrance to the Mohonk Mountain House property. Its circular stone arch frames a carriage road called the Pin Oak Allée with views of the Shawangunk Ridge, making for excellent photo ops.

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