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  |   June 3, 2015  |  Comment

Fact: Just breathing the air around here will make you feel better, whether it’s the negative ions, the friendly ancestral spirits, the overall mojo, or all of the above.

Scattered around the realm you’ll find organic spas whose hosts and hostesses find their own bliss by maximizing yours. Feel like a fresh look? Savor Spa is at your disposal, a tucked-away hotspot that’s won best-of awards from New York and InStyle magazines. A facial with some Catskills-made Om Aroma products, a massage, and an eco-wax, and you’ll be a whole new being. Or go to the Lush Eco-Salon in New Paltz., where tthey’ve got everything for your hair, skin, bod, and nails—no formaldehyde, no ammonia, no attitude, just an artistically inspired beauty experience.

It’s hard to imagine what could feel better than forgetting about gravity for a while. No need to book a speculative ticket on a Martian mission. You can get yours right here in New Paltz at Mountain Float, in a tank of healing Epsom-salted warm water. Floating and sensory deprivation are the fast track to a long list of mindbody benefits; you can de-stress, detox, lick the jet lag, or compose symphonies. They offer specials for firefighters, police and veterans, and they also give a great massage.

And then there are our soul spas. Peace Village Retreat in Haines Falls welcomes dabblers, seekers and adepts to custom-calibrated workshops led by top-flight facilitators at its 300 acre spot in the mountains. Weekend trainings are designed to help integrate mindful spiritual practice into family, professional, and social life.

And no discussion of Hudson Valley-based life enhancement could possibly be complete without mention of Omega Institute. Omega strives to build the bridges connecting ancient wisdom and modern living, peer-reviewed research and herbal lore, art and spirit and daily living. TThat’s just a taste of the healthy buffet served year-round; there’s plenty more. Whether you’re pumped about Pilates, curious about Crossfit, in need of holistic dental treatment, or looking for a life coach, you’ll find the best of the best right here, rockin’ the HV vibe.

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