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Washington’s Headquarters Pays Homage to Female Tavern Keepers

  |   May 14, 2014  |  Comment

Tavern Talk: 18th Century Female Proprietors: Saturday, May 24th at 2:00 PM

Ever wonder how an 18th century widow or a woman with an absentee husband kept her family together, paid bills, put food on her table, and a roof over her head? Come to Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site on Saturday, May 24th at 2:00 PM and find out during the program: Tavern Talk: 18th Century Female Proprietors.

In the 18th century, destitute women had little or no recourse other than to beg for charity from the church or neighbors. If they were fortunate, the community where they lived would give them food for their children and a few creature comforts.

Not every woman wanted to be so dependent upon the kindness of others. If they had a small home they would open it to travelers, offering food, laundry services, and stabling for their horses. The woman became a small business person, while maintaining her home, caring for her children, and bringing in some revenue. What would seem like a cottage industry would evolve into a way of life for some women and a family business for their children to follow.

Hear more about these women and what they dealt with as business owners when you come to this special event program which is free with Museum admission.

While at the site, take a tour of our historic Headquarters and visit our Museum that houses the award-winning exhibit “Unpacked & Rediscovered: Selections from Washington’s Headquarters’ Collection” consisting of over 1,300 artifacts reflecting 160 years of America’s interest in acquisitions and featuring a variety of objects ranging from the whimsical to the functional. For more information, please call (845) 562-1195.

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