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A Warm Ray of Summer Sun on a Cold Winter’s Day

  |   January 20, 2015  |  Comment

winter farm market

Oh, January, you are the cruelest of months, aren’t you? So long, so cold, so pointless. We can either hole up and hide under a mountain of blankets until spring, or we can crawl out of the house and do something. Maybe visit it a winter farm market, like the one happening in High Falls at Field+Barn. Right now, it’s Fridays 3-7pm (potential date night activity? High Falls is picturesque), but starting in February, it will move to Sunday, 9am-1pm. Oh, February, you’re so much more tolerable than January. Because you’re a short month, and when March comes, spring can’t be too far behind.


4-8 Bruceville Road

High Falls, NY


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