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Top This: Silly Winter Hats

  |   January 6, 2015  |  Comment

Viking-Hat-Helmet-with-BeardBRRR! Did you have to get up way too early this morning like we did to walk the dogs? (Like we needed Hudson Valley Weather to tell us it was freezing cold!) Did you struggle to open your eyes so that you could put on the long johns, the many layers of clothing, the coat, the gloves, and then, THEN YOU COULDN’T FIND YOUR FAVORITE HAT?!

Well, we’ve found some toppers that are good for a laugh, perhaps even inspire Resolution #3: A New Hat, A New Look for the New Year!

Think you can outsmart the winter cold, think AGAIN!

Silly hat 1-brainiac

Here, the all over, no-need-to-shave “I’m going incognito” look. “I could be spy from Wisconsin. “What? You recognize me?!

silly hat 3

The “Can you see me now?” look. No deer (in the headlights) will miss you and no one will walk near you.

silly winter hat 2

Perhaps A Hudson Valley Balloon Fest-inspired cap? No fly-away hair here!

Hudson Valley Ballon Hat

Can’t decide what to eat–because you have Chicken on the Brain?!

silly hat 4

And for the dogs, consider:

 Silly Winter hat 5-going to the dogs

Have we missed anything? Feel free to add to this collection.

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