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Tag! That’s It! in 2015

  |   January 1, 2015  |  Comment

Tag! That's ItThe New Year has dawned. While we’re still metaphorically in our pajamas, we’re scratching our heads; trying to think of ways to celebrate and experience the Hudson Valley both for visitors and yes, selfishly for ourselves. One way to do this is to involve YOU, to ask you to highlight and share your favorite places in words or pictures. A sort of: “Tag! That’s It!” challenge. (For now, you can submit your recommendation in the comments section.)

The Tag can be ANYTHING, ANY PLACE, ANY EXPERIENCE big or small that makes you happy inside–and you think will bring a bit of joy to someone else. But, the “it” should be in the Hudson Valley. After all, we’re all about Experiencing the Hudson Valley whether for the first time or as a happy jaunt down Memory Lane.Hudson Valley Map

We’ll feature your thoughts and/or images here on the blog for others to benefit or to chime in. For the Hudson Valley is a colorful and vibrant community, rich with stories.

We’ll start. Two of our favorite Tags–and we collectively agree we can have as many as we want–is how great the Hudson Valley community is, and the possibility–No, the guarantee–of discovering a new find we never found before.

It’s Adventure We’re After-
No Matter What Shape or Form!

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