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Read This Map then Feed Your Face in Newburgh

  |   March 18, 2015  |  Comment

Appetizers from Nimai’s Bliss Kitchen, Newburgh. Photo credit: Karen Pearson

Raise your hand if you knew that Newburgh is a burgeoning food mecca. It’s okay if you didn’t. It’s not like the highfalutin’ fancy gourmet rags are going on and on about it. Maybe they should be, though, because there are a lot of restaurants in Newburgh. Just take a look at this food map that one of our Newburghian readers passed along to us via the Interwebs:

Clearly, we’ve been remiss in not eating our way down Broadway toward the riverfront. Don’t worry if you’re a little fuzzy on your flag recognition skills. Just click on the spot and it will give you the nationality. Mexican, Italian, Greek, Peruvian, Dominican, Japanese, Guatemalan, Honduran, and, of course, standard American fare are all represented on the map, but the one we’re most excited to try is Newburgh’s Indian offering, Nimai’s Bliss Kitchen, which was recently featured on Chromogram.com (think healthy Ayurveda-inspired vegetarian with some locally-sourced ingredients). Speaking of day trips to Newburgh, let’s add the Newburgh Vintage Emporium and, on June 20th, the Newburgh Illuminated Festival while we’re at it.

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