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Palisades Interstate Park Commission Donor Spotlight: A Salute to the Austen-Stokes Ancient Americas Foundation

  |   February 25, 2013  |  Comment

The Palisades Interstate Park Commission and its nonprofit partner the Palisades Parks Conservancy hope that you have had an opportunity to explore the wonderful archival images that were posted to the www.hrvh.org web site.

The ability to view these unique images would not be possible without the assistance of one of their strongest supporters, Austen-Stokes Ancient Americas Foundation.

In the last four years, the John and Marisol Stokes family has facilitated a number of projects related to the PIPC and the history of the region. PIPC and Austen-Stokes first collaborated to preserve the history of the Native American presence in the Valley. Funding from the Stokes allowed us to improve the storage and conservation of our Native American collections, financed the creation of a database of all known archaeological sites in the PIPC, and helped to create a new exhibit at Trailside Museums & Zoo highlighting the language that was spoken by the first people in New York. The exhibit is up and running now and can be viewed in the Trailside history museum.

The Palisades Interstate Park Commission is proud to be able to share some of their archival collections online. This is the very first time that their archives have been opened up to the public. Funds provided by the Austen-Stokes Ancient Americas Foundation paid for cleaning and conservation of the glass slides, digitization of the images, the annual fees required to host the images online, and staff time to catalog and describe the images according to archival standards.

Though the online images are but a small part of the more than 120,000 photographs, slides, and negatives in our archival collection, they feel that they are an amazing introduction to their collections. The Palisades Interstate Park Commission is grateful to the Stokes family for making it possible.

A warm thank you to the Stokes family.

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