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Orange County’s Heritage Trail Featured in National Publication Rails to Trails

  |   January 18, 2011  |  Comment

If you’ve ever walked, run, bladed, or biked along Orange County’s Heritage Trail, you already know what a great asset this 11.5 mile linear park is to our County. Now, word is starting to spread. The winter 2011 issue of Rails to Trails, the membership publication of the non-profit organization Rails-to-Trails Conservancy included two items singing the praises of Orange County’s very own Heritage Trail.

The first was a letter to the editor from a North Carolina couple familiar with the Heritage Trail. They hailed the benefits of the Trail, including its accessibility to downtown Goshen “where bicycle rentals and delicious bakery delicacies are available.”

The second item was a three-page article written by Suffern resident and Heritage Trail fan and regular rider, Dovid Kaplan, who has been riding a recumbent bike since suffering a debilitating stroke in 2003. He shares his story of biking post-stroke and the benefits of riding a rail trail. On Orange County’s Heritage Trail, Mr. Kaplan says he enjoys the gentle slope, beautiful scenery, and safe environment.

In the article, Mr. Kaplan said “… I feel exhilarated in new and scenic settings, which each rail trail excels in providing … My adrenaline kicks in from the joyous feelings I have of the gorgeous sights with the wind in my face. I’m able to keep physically and mentally active …”

In an email, Mr. Kaplan added that riding the Heritage Trail helps him break free of the fragility and physical weakness with which the stroke has left him. An amateur nature photographer, he also enjoys the Trail’s abundant natural beauty.

More kudos for the Trail, readers of the Times-Herald Record named Orange County’s Heritage Trail “Place to Bike of the Year” in the newspaper’s “Best of” compilation in the January 2 issue.

When there’s too much snow for biking, the Heritage Trail is ideal for cross country skiing. For more information about Orange County’s Heritage Trail, visit the County’s Parks & Recreation website at www.orangecountynyparks.com.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a non-profit organization committed to creating a nationwide network of trails from rail lines. They serve more than 150,000 members and advocate for the 19,000 miles of existing rail-trail throughout the U.S. Mr. Kaplan’s article “A Recumbent View” can be read at www.railstotrails.org/news/magazine.

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