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Orange County Arts Council announced the participating artists in the 2013 Open Studio Tour

  |   August 30, 2013  |  Comment

October 12 & 13 and 19 & 20

The Orange County Arts Council, through a generous sponsorship from M&T Bank and C & S Wholesale Grocers, is organizing its Fifth Annual Open Studio Tour which will take place over two weekends and span the entire County. The Open Studio Tour is a free event, and provides the public with a self-guided tour of local visual art studios, venues and galleries. The Open Studio Tour is a glimpse into the diverse wealth of artists in the county.  Artists presenting include sculptures, potters, visual artists, metal smiths, jewelers, fabric artists, crafters, woodworkers, photographers and two studios which produce both Broadway sets and Broadway backdrops. This year’s tour will highlight 66 visual artists.

Booklets are being created by the Orange County Arts Council, highlighting each artist, their location, contact information and a visual of their artwork. Three thousand, five hundred booklets will be printed and distributed throughout the county in galleries, local lodging, businesses, eateries, art organizations, tourist information centers and on the Orange County Arts Council web site (www.ocartscouncil.org).

Visitors on the tour can expect to find both visual artists in galleries, art spaces, and studios up close and personal during their creative process. Artists are able to do so by offering explanations and demonstrations of their materials and art process. The Orange County Arts Council hopes this annual event will provide an opportunity for dialogue between artists and the general public, therefore bringing about a broader knowledge of the arts.

It is the Arts Council’s desire that the Open Studio Tour will open up the world of artists to everyone – from students to the seasoned collector to the first-time art buyer or observer, to the curious general public. The Arts Council believes that through education, visitors become loyal customers and supporters of art.

To request a copy of this year’s Open Studio Tour booklet or to find the closest distribution location, please call the Arts Council’s offices at 845-469-9168 or email [email protected]

To learn more about the Orange County Arts Council and its programs and services or to see a full calendar of arts events and opportunities in Orange County log onto www.ocartscouncil.org. Learn about how to become a supporter of the Orange County Arts Council, volunteer for a program, or post an event for free! For additional questions call Jen D’Andrea at 845-469-9168 or email at [email protected]

Participating artists and the town where they will be showing:

  1. Lynne Digby: Goshen
  2. Linda Rahl Nadas: Rock Tavern
  3. Mary Baldwin: Washingtonville
  4. David Nolan: Washingtonville
  5. Andrew Lattimore: Cornwall
  6. Rebecca Darlington: Cornwall
  7. Vivien Abrams Collens: Cornwall
  8. Gayle Clark Fedigan: Newburgh
  9. Stuart Sachs: Newburgh
  10. Martha Zola: Newburgh
  11. Studio & Forum of the Scenic Arts: Newburgh
  12. Laurie Frederick Cohen: Newburgh
  13. Kat Strickland: New Windsor
  14. Center Line Studios: New Windsor
  15. Debbe Cushman Femiak: Montgomery
  16. Mitchell Saler: Montgomery
  17. Sandy Farland Spitzer: Montgomery
  18. Maureen Drury: Walden
  19. Beth Tango: Walden
  20. Catherine A. DeMaio: Pine Bush
  21. Bob Scully: Pine Bush
  22. Xiaoyi Zeng: Pine Bush
  23. Estrellita DeCouto: Pine Bush
  24. Lynn Garrett: Pine Bush
  25. Arts in Orange: Pine Bush
  26. Pine Bush Area Arts Council: Pine Bush
  27. Rebecca Cornell: Pine Bush
  28. Roberta Rosenthal: Bloomingburg
  29. Linda Barboni: Middletown
  30. Anne W. Kelly: Middletown
  31. Dennis Fanton: Middletown
  32. Michael Piotrowski: Middletown
  33. Katerina Wood: Middletown
  34. The Barn/Art at Elm Lake: Middletown
  35. Natalie Surving: Middletown
  36. Caroline Prieur Schulz: Otisville
  37. Cynthia Harris-Pagano: Otisville
  38. Upfront Exhibition Space: Port Jervis
  39. Bliss Co-op: Sugar Loaf
  40. Adrienne Michele Butvinick: Sugar Loaf
  41. Renelle Lorray: Sugar Loaf
  42. Nick Zungoli: Sugar Loaf
  43. Karen S. Thomas: Sugar Loaf
  44. Rachel Bertoni: Sugar Loaf
  45. Sharon Galbraith: Warwick
  46. Elaine Sgambati: Warwick
  47. Roslyn Fassett: Warwick
  48. Susan Hope Fogel: Warwick
  49. Lisa Zukowski: Warwick
  50. CS Day: Warwick
  51. Patricia Foxx: Warwick
  52. Kishi Ui: Warwick
  53. Roberta Green: Warwick
  54. Thomas Naples: Warwick
  55. Janet Howard-Fatta: Warwick
  56. Phyllis Lehman: Warwick
  57. Cathe Linton: Warwick
  58. Beatrice Bloom: Warwick
  59. Daniel Mack: Warwick
  60. Center for Metal Arts: Florida
  61. Richard Weber: Florida
  62. Amity Arts Pottery: Florida
  63. Bumble-fly Café: Central Valley
  64. Lita Thorne: Harriman
  65. Bruce Thorne: Harriman
  66. Robert G. Breur: Highland Mills


Photo: Rebecca Darlington

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