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New Family Dog Sport Comes To The Hudson Valley

  |   April 16, 2012  |  Comment

There’s something new, you, your family and pet dog can all do together.  It’s called K9 Nose Workâ, an exciting new dog sport the whole family can participate in.  Polly Kaplan, a certified instructor with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) is bringing her expertise and classes to the Hudson Valley. Right now, Ms. Kaplan is introducing a six-week class, specifically geared to get you and your dog to have fun together. The K9 Nose Workâ Classes are the only one of it’s kind currently being offered in Dutchess County.

Polly Kaplan came from Massachusetts and moved here to the Hudson Valley back in 1997. Ms. Kaplan has been training and playing with dogs since she was a very young girl.  It first started with a Frisbee.  She trained her dog to play Frisbee, which later led Ms. Kaplon to getting her first student. Soon after, other people started asking Polly to help with their own dogs.

Ms. Kaplan has a natural ability to spot talent in both a dog and a person.  “My real strength,” she says “is working with people.”  Ms. Kaplan says there is no such thing as a bad dog.  Utilizing her techniques, Polly can help a dog owner have their dog come on call, walk on leash, discontinue excessive barking or jumping up.  Both dog and master can better socialize under Polly’s expert guidance. The result can be a more enjoyable relationship.

Ms. Kaplan began her dog instruction and training courses in the early 2000’s under the tutelage of Sue Sternberg and Pia Silvani.  Sue Sternberg is the founder and director of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, a local non-profit in Accord, NY. Ms. Silvani is the Director of Training & Behavior at St. Herbert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ.  Ms. Sternberg and Ms. Silvani separately share their knowledge on dogs, have written several books and speak at various dog conferences around the country.

K9 Nose Workâ is fun for the whole family.  “Anybody can do it. Dogs like to have fun,” says Polly Kaplan.  The system is based on a dog’s natural hunt drive. This new dog sport is designed to develop dogs’ natural scenting abilities by using curiosity, desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise.  Any dog above the age of four months till retirement (as long as the dog is mobile) can get involved in the sport. The family will learn how to read their dog and communicate better with their pet.

Classes are small.  Only six dog/handler teams at a time. Each dog and family is individually worked multiple times during the class. Classes meet once a week for 60 to 90 minutes at a time.  Dogs will need to be crated or kept in your vehicle (weather permitting) between working times. Ms. Kaplan can provide indoor crating.

For more information about Polly Kaplan and K9 Nose Workâ you can visit her website www.siriusplaydogs.com send an email to: [email protected] or phone/text her at 845-797-1879.  To see the K9 Nose Workâ in action, log onto this YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjHMxjx2YO8.

Written By Cindy Cingone

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