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Let the Hudson Valley Be Your Amazon

  |   April 15, 2016  |  Comment

It happens every year. The days begin to shorten, the air takes on a chill, and before you know it, Thanksgiving is long over and you’re behind on your holiday shopping. You’ve never actually spoken to Norm at the office before, but his is the name you picked out of the secret Santa hat, and now you’re scrambling for your phone in the hopes that Amazon will have a handy “Gift Ideas For the Distant Acquaintance” list you can mine. Stop. You spend enough time in front of screens at work as it is, and Norm deserves a unique, thoughtful gift. This holiday season, try shopping local; let the Hudson be your Amazon.

Everybody cooks (even Norm), so head over to Clove Kitchen Market in Red Hook or Blue Cashew in Rhinebeck for a stunning selection of culinary gadgets and gourmet edibles. Or for something offbeat and unexpected, try Beacon’s Dream in Plastic, where you can purchase knee socks with the word “BACON” emblazoned along the calves.

Picking out personalized gifts can be challenging, but if you go to 2 Note Botanical Perfumery in Hudson, its virtuoso owners will help you select— or compose—the right small-batch, hand-crafted, organic perfume for that special someone. For gifts with symbolic significance and a humanitarian soul, check out Sierra Lily in Poughkeepsie, which offers wares from over 40 made in America companies and jewelry for every occasion. Every piece of clothing at Gwenno James Fashion & Fabric Creations in Beacon boasts Gwenno’s signature, custom designs: hand-dyed, handprinted, nature-inspired pieces that flow and flatter their wearer.

Kenco in Kingston is heaven on earth for adventurers. They sell apparel and equipment for any imaginable outdoor activity, from hiking to snowboarding to fishing to kayaking. There’s also Rock and Snow in New Paltz, where you’ll find top-notch climbing gear and expert advice to go with it.

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