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  |   July 3, 2016  |  Comment

History and the Hudson Valley have always gone hand in hand. From Bannerman Island to Historic Huguenot Street, history is encrusted in this beautiful region. As you may know we are in the middle of our Dutchess County Giveaway! It is full of incredible historic sites scattered all over Dutchess County.  You will need to enter if you want to win though. Click here, put in your info and you have put your name into the hat.

The lucky winner, aside from eating at the best spots in town, and touring the most awarded wineries, will also be visiting the most historic spots of Dutchess County.  You’ll appreciate the fascinating history of these incredible sites and landmarks and the amazing views you’ll get to witness.


You’ll get to experience the vast views of the Hudson River while experiencing the brilliant architecture of the Wilderstein Estate. Explore the land at Mount Gulian and learn about its rich history from the Wappinger Indians to General Von Steuben.  Then finally make your way to Locust Grove, enjoy the breathtaking grounds, italian architecture and learn about the importance of the Morse family. You’ll learn about inventor/artist Samuel Morse and how his invention of the telegraph and morse code impacted American history. Even if history isn’t really your thing, the grounds and views will speak for themselves.


You’ll have to enter if you would like to win though. Lucky for you we’ll let you enter as many times as your heart desires. There are only a couple weeks left though so click here and get those entries in!

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