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Gallery 66 Features 2 Exhibits “Man and Beast” & “Fantastical Beasts”

  |   July 31, 2013  |  Comment

Leonard Freed, “Man and Beast”


Gallery 66 NY is proud to announce an exhibition of many never-before seen photographs by the legendary photographer, Leonard Freed. Renowned as much for his insightful images of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement as for his visual studies of the post-war global Jewish community, the late Mr. Freed was a member of the prestigious Magnum Photos cooperative, which also listed among its members such luminaries as Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Among his patrons, he listed the iconic Edward Steichen, who – while serving as Director of the Museum of Modern Art – purchased three of Freed’s photographs for the museum.

Less known are Freed’s whimsical photos of animals and their interrelation with man. His study of two cats, dwarfed by the classical renaissance buildings in Naples in 1956,  as they confront one another on an otherwise-empty city street, is strangely reminiscent of a scene out of “High Noon,” while a photo of a twelve-foot-long boa constrictor stretched beside a baby carriage raises more questions than it answers. Freed died in 2006, before he could see these images presented to the public, but his widow, Brigitte – who is assembling them in book form – has allowed Gallery 66 NY to be the first to exhibit them. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to view the previously unseen works of this world-famous artist.

Suzanne Langle, “Fantastical Beasts”

 While Leonard Freed’s animals are instantly recognizable, Suzanne Langle’s creations seem to have emerged as beasts from a time of ancient legend. Sculpted from modified concretes, each is wildly unique. Appropriately, they take their names from the gods of Norse and Teutonic mythology – creatures whose domain exists on the spiritual bridge between the myths and mysteries of creation and the physical world. A multi-winged beast, alien yet somehow familiar, sits complacently in a corner, ears peaked and paws folded, while a cat-like fabrication crawls stealthily across the floor. Outlandish though they are, the creatures in Langle’s bestiary are friendly to humans, and look remarkably at home in a room!

Langle has exhibited her work in a number of prestigious venues, including New York’s Broome Street, Grey Art, and Broadfoot and Broadfoot galleries, Brooklyn’s Rotunda Gallery, the Gallery of American Craft of New Jersey, and the Garrison Art Center.

The fascinating exhibit of these two fine artists is on view from August 2nd through September 2nd, with an artists’ reception on Friday, August 2nd, from 6-9 PM. Gallery 66 NY is located at 66 Main Street, Cold Spring, New York. For further information, please call 845-809-5838, or visit us at www.gallery66ny.com.

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