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Feeling Dangerous? Hike Devil’s Path in the Catskills

  |   April 3, 2015  |  Comment
indian head

Indian Head and Twin Mountains



There are two kinds of hikers: The type that likes a leisure stroll over some varied terrain, and the type that needs to have a constant succession of heart palpitations. If you fall into the latter category, we recommend a day trip to Devil’s Path in the Catskill Mountains. The trail traverses through 5 peaks in the range (West Kill, Hunter, Plateau, Sugar Loaf, Twin, and Indian), and you can hop on the trail using the Prediger Road trailhead just outside of Hunter in Greene County. Take note, however, that this trail is not a loop. It’s 13 miles from one end of the trail to the other, so you’ll need a lift when you’re finished. While it is possible to do the entire Path in one day, we hear it’s a rough haul, so some choose to camp at Devil’s Tombstone and make a weekend of it. Make no mistake; Devil’s Path isn’t for the faint of heart. Hikers navigate steep inclines that involve using both hands and feet and stone chutes make for tenuous footing. But it’s all worth it for the views. Or is it? Devil’s Path is so treacherous, it made Outside Magazine’s¬†recent list of the 20 most dangerous hikes. You can find out more about what to expect on the Path from the NYNJTC website. Anybody conquered this beast and lived to tell the tale? More importantly, where’s your favorite place to eat after you finish the hike?

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