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“Fashion as Art: A Matter of Taste”

  |   June 3, 2013  |  Comment



Opening Reception Friday, June 7th, 6-9 pm


For those who see art as belonging solely in galleries and clothes only as something to wear, June in Cold Spring will be a revelation – and a special treat!

From June 7th -30th,  Fashion boutique Art to Wear Too and Gallery 66 NY are co-sponsoring a month-long series of fun events that will include many of our local merchants, and will focus on “Fashion as Art.” Among the events scheduled, there will be two fashion shows:             

“Living Sculpture” – On June 23rd, Gallery 66 NY will present a most unusual combination of items and events. While focusing on artist-designed apparel, the show will also feature couture created from coffee bean sacks, a display of stunning Japanese kimonos, edible wearable art, an outfit made of glass – and a life-size Barbie!

“Drawn to Fashion” – On June 29th, SkyBaby Studio, 75 Main St., will host a collaboration featuring the art and fashions of Indigo Chic, Hudson Outfitters and Art to Wear Too. The clothing is all wearable and chic, BUT the show will have a unique interactive component: As our models pose in a wide variety of outfits, performance artist Jaanika Peerna will create one of her fabulous works by actually drawing on a live model!

“Fashion as Art” month will also offer:

– a children’s  “mini-fashion show,” to be held at Gallery 66 NY.

– a fashion-related display of original teen art, to be displayed in the windows of our Main Street merchants.

– “artful clothing” made from everyday objects, as provided by our local vendors and teens led by experience fashion and costume designer Marilyn Heberling will create fanciful displays to include such things as: Pet collars and leashes become elegant belts, kitchen utensils shine as fashion accessories, and outfits are transformed into art works, as frozen yogurt is drizzled on them in delicious patterns! 

– a display of fashion accoutrements from wartime will be exhibited at the Putnam History Museum.

“Fashion as Art” will run from June 7th through June 30th, withan opening reception to be held on Friday, June 7th, 6-9 PM, at Gallery 66 NY, 66 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516. Come partake in what promises to be an exciting month of unusual exhibits and events!

[For more information, call 845-265-4469, [email protected], 845-809-5838, www.gallery66ny.com, www.facebook.com/gallery66ny, or www.facebook/coldspringarts.]

Photo:  Roger Derrick THE EMPRESS

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