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Fall/Winter Guide and Website Improvements

  |   September 2, 2010  |  Comment

We are so thrilled to unveil our Fall/Winter guide and all the website improvements that have come with it. Thank you to everyone for the continued support and wonderful comments we receive about our Experience the Hudson Valley Tourism Guide and website.

Just one of those wonderful comments is about how easy our website is to navigate. Keeping this in mind, we have improved our site by adding the following:

  1. We have updated the look of our interactive online tourism guide. Not only do the pages turn easier but increasing the size for readability is even better. Anywhere you see a web link inside the guide on the listing pages or in an ad, all you have to do it double click on it and you will be taken to that site. Even on our center map. If you want to see more information on a particular historical site, just double click on the location name on the map and you will be taken to their website.
  2. In addition, we have added 2 links at the top of each of our pages on our site. Currently they are “Haunted Happenings” and “Pumpkin and Apple Picking”. All you have to do it click on this link and an interactive booklet will appear. You can browse the locations and as in our guide, you can double click on their web link and be taken directly to their website to obtain more information, purchase tickets, etc.
  3. Because we continually receive emails and information regarding upcoming events and interesting tidbits about the Hudson Valley, we decided to add a blog to our website. You will be able to see our current blog message or search the blog by category if you are only interested in one category. And for convenience, we have added to ways to access our blog on the left hand menu on our site.

Our goal is to continue to bring you the lastest happenings of the Hudson Valley. Whether it’s a getaway weekend, looking for something to do, seeing a local concert or play, visiting the haunted mansions or looking for that perfect pumpkin.

And as many of you already know, we work very hard to keep our calendar of events, Facebook and Twitter updated. We receive new events daily and update our calendar twice a month and Facebook and Twitter daily. So don’t forget to check back periodically to see what is going on in the Hudson Valley.

And by the way, if you know of an upcoming event, tidbit or have a suggestion, please let us know.

By: Chery Howaniec

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