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Eating Our Way Down Newburgh’s Broadway

  |   April 16, 2015  |  Comment

newburgh food journal

There are myriad restaurants on Newburgh’s main drag. Some look tempting, while others look…too adventurous for us. Given that we are always thinking about food, we can’t help but look around at Newburgh’s offerings and think, “Is that place any good? What about that place?” Thankfully, the Newburgh Food Journal exists. The foodie page is run by photographer Ann Stratton who, along with her husband, took it upon herself to eat at each and every restaurant not only on eatery-heavy Broadway, but every restaurant within city limits of Newburgh. Explains Stratton on her blog: “There are some that are good and some just…eh. But almost all of them have one or two items on their menus that are specialties.” But it’s really Stratton’s photos that garnered our attention. They’re simple and straightforward portraits of food and the people that make it, and some of them have our mouths watering, like the photos from Nimai’s Bliss Kitchen, the place we posted about yesterday. We’re looking forward to following Stratton’s journey through the Newburgh food universe. Catch a bird’s eye view of the places featured in the Food Journal on the blog map.

Okay, maybe one picture.

la amistad bakery

La Amistad Bakery, Newburgh. Photo by Ann Stratton

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