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  |   August 7, 2012  |  Comment

The first New York State Fiddle Contest makes its debut at the Dutchess County Fair on Sunday, August 26 at 3:30pm. The event, sponsored by the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association and The Dutchess County Fair will be held in the Entertainment Tent (map#17).

Contest organizer, Gary Veeder of Pleasant Valley is also the 2011 Dutchess County Fair Volunteer of the Year. Gary has never missed a fair “in his life” and has been an active volunteer since 1975.

 There are seven categories in the NYS Fiddle Contest with prizes ranging from $100 to $15 in the Championship (all ages), Open (all ages), Senior (62 years and older), Junior (13-17 years), Junior-Junior (9-12 years) and Trick and Fancy groups (all ages). The Fiddle Buds (8 years and younger) are for demonstration only.

Scoring is based on 100 points per tune or song. The points are accumulated using the following criteria:

Rhythm and Timing- 25 points. This judging is based on an ability to set and maintain a steady, danceable temp, with no unevenness, breaks in rhythm or dropped beats; Tone and Clarity-25 points. Notes must be played clearly, on pitch and with good tone. Creativity /Expression- 25 points. In this category a contestant is judged on his/her ability to take a traditional tune and personalize it in a pleasing ways while maintaining its traditional feel. Style/Authenticity- 25 points. This last criterion is based on an ability to play danceable music in a manner appropriate to the structure of the tune and its traditional source.

Three professional fiddle musicians will be judging the contest and the deadline for entering the NYS Fiddle Contest has been extended to August 16th.

For more information visit www.dutchessfair.com.

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