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Celebrate Día de los Muertos in Poughkeepsie

  |   October 30, 2015  |  Comment

Halloween is quickly approaching, and so is the lesser understood cultural celebration Día de los Muertos. For some, American popular culture may have muddled the meaning of this Latin American holiday, but that’s all right, we’re here to learn. Rather than a reason to bug your neighbors for candy, Día de los Muertos celebrates deceased loved ones. Since New York is far from Latin America, Hudson River Housing’s Middle Main Initiative has brought Día de los Muertos to Poughkeepsie for its fifth year in a row. The series of events began last Saturday and continue through the holiday until November 7th. Join friends, family, and maybe some cherished spirits at the rest of the celebration’s events, including la gran celebración on November 1st.


An at-a-glance view of what’s to come includes a community walking tour on October 30th, allowing pedestrians the opportunity to view altars created by local businesses in the Middle Main neighborhood. On the 31st, start your morning at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center for a Día de los Muertos/Halloween themed bike ride. And, of course, stop by the aforementioned grand celebration at Mystic Cafe on November 1st. Not only is it free, which is always a plus, the event also features Mexican music and dancing, as well as activities, food, and fun. Lindsay Duvall, Community Development Manager of Hudson River Housing, sums it up best, “For the past five years this event has brought together Poughkeepsie residents of all backgrounds to learn about and celebrate our unique cultures and customs. Día de los Muertos creates a vibrant, unified community on Main Street.”

For more info, visit Day of the Dead’s website, and for photos from last year, check out this post on Poughkeepsie is Great.

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