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Building a Better Theme Park

  |   May 1, 2021  |  Comment

Over 600 billion Lego bricks have been produced since the interlocking blocks were introduced in 1949. And now Lego—the world’s most powerful brand—is spilling its pieces into the Hudson Valley at Legoland New York Resort in Goshen. It will be the Northeast’s first major theme park in over four decades,
with the doors scheduled to open
this summer.

When you step foot into Legoland, you’ll embark on a journey through seven different Lego-themed lands. In Bricktopia, kids have the tools to make their creative dreams a reality at the “Build and Test” activity station; use Lego bricks to build anything from cars to ships to buildings. In this world, kids have the opportunity to experience Lego on a mind-blowing level with the Lego Factory Adventure Ride—an attraction making its world debut at Legoland in New York. “It builds on an experience that we have in other Legoland Theme Parks, which is a factory tour that shows you how Lego bricks are made and the history of the Lego brick. What the Lego Factory Adventure does is reimagine that experience,” says Matt Besterman, public relations manager of Legoland. “You’re led through this fantastic Lego factory by a character called Professor Brick. And you feel like you’re being shrunk down to the size of a brick so that you get an inside-out view of how Lego bricks are made. And then at the end, you’re transformed into a mini figure, allowing you to see yourself as a Lego mini figure.” 

Stacked with Attractions

Think you have what it takes to sail the sea? Climb aboard the Galleon at Pirate Shores, and be rocked around like you’re riding the waves during a brewing storm. And while you’re in Pirate World, hop on a racing barrel at the Rogue Riders Ride and sail through stormy waters, water spouts, and sea monsters to arrive safely on land. 

In addition to Pirates, kids can become ninja masters of Spinjitzu in Lego Ninjago World. Learn to think, move, and train like a ninja in Ninja Training Camp with a climbing wall and spinners. Then travel into the Monastery on the Lego Ninjago Ride, where kids will fight to save the world with the power of the elements taught to them by Master Wu. 

The park’s signature Dragon Roller Coaster in Lego Castle World will take you on a speedy ride on a green dragon around the castle to save the world from red knights. And on the smaller Dragon’s Apprentice Ride, fly through the air on a dragon to show the new baby dragons how it’s done. Kids can then continue saving the world by becoming heroes of Lego City at the Coast Guard Academy, Driving School, and Fire Academy attractions. 

And if you feel like touring the US, check out Miniland—where kids will see 10 city skylines from across the country built out of over 22 million Lego bricks. 

This location will be the ninth Legoland theme park in the world, with other locations in Florida, California, and internationally in Germany, England, Japan, Malaysia, and in Billund, Denmark—home of the first Lego brick and Legoland Theme Park.

On-Site Lodging

“We are definitely bringing something to the community, and after the challenges we’ve had in the last year with the pandemic I think people are really eager for a place where they can get out and spend time with their families,” Besterman says. 

The Legoland Hotel has 250 rooms, and is built with the kids in mind—it’s entirely Lego-themed, and located just steps away from the entrance to the theme park. “Kids really lead the experience at Legoland Hotel,” Besterman says. “Each room has its own sleeping area just for kids, with bunk beds, a trundle bed, and a TV if they want to watch the Lego movies for 24 hours a day.” Choose your own hotel adventure with four different themes to pick from—Lego Kingdom, Lego Friends, Lego Ninjago, and Lego pirates. 

There is always something fun planned for the kids at the hotel, with nightly entertainment and activities such as the scavenger hunt. “Our entertainment and events team is always changing it up and making it fresh,” Besterman says. “When you check in, you’ll get a list of the different entertainment that you can expect during your stay.

A buffet breakfast is included, which allows kids to continue leading their Legoland experience. “Eating where kids get to choose their options continues the concept of a theme park. The hotel is really built for kids and it’s really for kids to lead the experience,” Besterman says. 

You can purchase single-day tickets for $71.99 for ages thirteen and up, and $62.99 for kids 3-12 years old. Annual passes—which give you unlimited access to the park for a year after your first visit, discounts on dining, merchandise, and access to special events—are $299.99. There are 50 rides, attractions, shows, and activities in total at the 150-acre theme park, so there’s certainly something fun for every Lego lover. 

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