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A Bright, Basil-Scented Future for Medusa

  |   February 17, 2015  |  Comment


“The Gang in Medusa” has two pieces of good news for you: firstly, 6 Red Barn Lane will not remain an empty shell of its former self into perpetuity; and secondly, locally-sourced, wood-fired pizza is on the horizon for Medusa residents, tourists, and weekenders alike.

Here’s the dish on the future of Medusa’s Main Street – the “gang” (led by Operations Manager Andrew Olson) is running a fundraiser on the crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo with the goal of reopening the former general store as “an off-grid, wood-fired oven café.” Their plans for the café can be broken down into small steps, beginning with a new cappuccino-maker and ending with pizza and bread made from farm-fresh produce. Their vision for the café is more comprehensive:

Community revitalization is what its all about! Sadly, the current Medusa store, est 1934, which is for sale, lies empty. The team wants to buy it, renovate it and re-open it as an off-grid, wood-fired oven café to provide locally made bread + pizza to the beautiful hill town area of the Hudson Valley/Catskills and PROVIDE JOBS!…A beautiful storefront in the village can hike property values for all in the process by putting retail and restaurant under one roof.

Pizza and community revitalization? That’s a cause we could get behind in a heartbeat. Check out the team’s Indiegogo profile here and make your contribution to their project today!


Photo source: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/the-medusa-general-cafe

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