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  |   June 4, 2012  |  Comment

Sponsored by Mark and Sue Adams, Torches on the Hudson, M & T Bank, and Bill Diamond Productions

Enjoy the mystery of Bannerman Island on this special self-guided tour that includes a complementary box lunch prepared by one of the Hudson Valley’s finest restaurants, and a mini concert by one of New York’s talented musicians. Bannerman Castle Trust historians will be on hand to answer questions about the castle and Bannerman history. Your Bannerman Adventure includes transportation on Hudson River Adventure’s vessel, The Pollepel, and a video by Bill Diamond Productions, featuring stage and screen actress, Jane Alexander. Reservations are required by 9:00 p.m. the Thursday before the event. (Box lunches may not be available if you book later than the Thursday before the event.) Tickets are $42 per person. To make a reservation call Zerve at : 1-800-979-3370

Please note: You will not be allowed inside the buildings and will need to stay on NYS approved paths for safety reasons.

Box lunches will be served by one of the following Hudson Valley restaurants:
Torches on the Hudson, Newburgh
River Grill, Newburgh
Homespun Foods, Beacon
Cup and Saucer Tea Room, Beacon

ADAM BOHANAN June 17 American born, English raised Adam Bohanan takes a great new look at the singer/songwriter category. With the mixture of folk, R&B, jazz and funk influences; Adam’s music is continuously changing and evolving. His love for a variety of different styles of music is shown in the array of diverse genres he applies to the songs in his catalog. With a soulful voice and stimulating lyrics, he is a great storyteller who allows the listener to enjoy every word. He attributes his musical aptitude and his ability to jump from one genre to the next, to his migration around the world from a young age; giving him a strong assortment of styles.

TJAY July 15 Most recently, TJay received the honor of being selected as RELIX MAGAZINE’S JamOFF! Contest winner. His song “Goldfish” is featured on the January/February Relix Magazine Sampler along with notable artists such as Gregg Allman and Keller Williams. After receiving a scholarship to play Division I college baseball, TJay had been pursuing a career as a professional baseball player; playing gigs on the side to raise a little extra money. It wasn’t long before crowds grew and word started to spread. From there, the choice was easy. Now, TJay is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, but don’t let the singer/songwriter brand fool you. TJay’s style of writing incorporates rock/pop with jazz and funk to create an independent sound with huge potential for crossover. Drawing on influences such as Blues Traveler, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Steve Miller Band, Dave Matthews, Maroon 5, and John Mayer, TJay’s music is uniquely timeless and speaks to any musical taste.

DAN LAVOIE August 19 Born and raised in Pawling NY, singer/songwriter, Dan Lavoie’s style brings a fresh new sound to the table with influences of rock, blues, folk, classical, jazz, and funk jam meshed together to create what many have called traveling music. His music reflects per-sonal life experiences through heartache, pain, love and hope for a better future. After the success of his solo instrumental album, “Little Noodles,” Dan made number seven on Hudson Valley’s TOP TEN Best Concerts with last year’s appearance at the Towne Crier Cafe. Lavoie will be touring the U.S. this summer, promoting his album “To the Water’s Edge”.

THE MATTAWAN WINDS September 16 ‘The Mattawan Winds―named after a Native American name and a local region in Beacon―is a new ensemble of professional musicians. Started by Beacon resident, Deborah Simons, they are a group of friends who love to make music together. Their reper-toire includes everything from Mozart to Gershwin. For more information, contact the Cortlandt Regional Music Association (www.cortlandtmusic.org).

THADDEUS MACGREOR October 21 Musical Bard of the Hudson, Thaddeus MacGregor delights audiences with his spirited and soulful interpretations of classic 19th and 20th century songs. He brings the past to life, performing on guitar and singing, and playing cigar-box guitar, mandolin, flute and fife. Kids of all ages are especially enchanted with his “partner”: Wee Jim, the Limberjack (a wooden dancing musical figure from times long past). A real entertainer, Mr. MacGregor takes his audience on a fun sidetrip through time!

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