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Amazing Views at This Newburgh Bed and Breakfast

  |   April 16, 2015  |  Comment

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River Getaway in Newburgh
Price/night: $300
Accommodations: Entire Home, 3 Bedrooms
Max guests: 6
Min stay: 5

House description:
Newburgh week continues here on Upstater, and what better way to celebrate than featuring this quaint bed and breakfast. Although at first it seems a little pricey at $300 a night, it has 3 bedrooms so split between a couple friends it’s much more reasonable. It’s also set close to the city of Newburgh, so you can enjoy some of the cities sights, sounds, and nightlife. It’s best feature, however, has to be the incredible river views. The front gate practically opens right onto the river, with views of Mt. Beacon, Storm King Mountain, and Bannerman’s Island. A better view would be hard to find.

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