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Our mission at Explore the Hudson Valley is to entice travelers to take advantage of the Hudson Valley’s beauty, history, and culture. Our all-inclusive, full color, easy to use guide drives customers directly to you. With each new the printing, we have continually enhanced and improved our website, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets to offer new services to both our advertisers and their prospective customers. 45,000 guides are distributed throughout the Hudson Valley, Westchester, and Connecticut.


Chronogram Media was born in the summer of 1993, with the aim of nourishing and supporting the creative and cultural life of the Hudson Valley.

The parent company of the iconic Chronogram magazine, Chronogram Media has over 15 years of custom publishing experience including tourism guides, travel guides, and the launch, sale, and reacquisition of Upstate House, a popular Hudson Valley real estate, design, and green living publication. Starting as a small 72-page black and white cultural zine, Chronogram has transformed into a coveted, full color glossy magazine.

Chronogram Media’s mission is to disseminate material that nourishes and support the creative life of our region and in the world, and to demonstrate a paradigm of that creativity in action.