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A Boice Bros Birthday Bash 5 Football Fields Long

  |   June 18, 2014  |  Comment

A Party 100 Years in the Making, Spanning 5 Generations Can Only Mean
The Largest Sundae In the World!

All Invited to Bring a Spoon or a 5 Person Scooper Team
July 20th Celebration, Noon To 4PM
T.R. Gallo Park (The Rondout), Kingston, NY

On July 20th, Boice Bros Dairy, New York State’s oldest family owned diary, will celebrate 100 years in business with a large outdoor event along Kingston’s Rondout waterfront.  The highlight of the event will be the building of the longest ice cream sundae in the world! (current record is 1,250’).

Like a true birthday bash, there’ll be live music – 4 bands and counting, clowns, jugglers, hoolahoop artists, balloons to pop, prizes and more.


As part of the celebration, Boice Bros. Dairy wants to give back to the community it has loved for 100 years, so it has initiated the creation of a new, unique educational program called the Hudson River Stewards Program.  The new program is for elementary school students, starting with 4th graders, in the Kingston School District and neighboring schools.  The Hudson River Maritime Museum and Clearwater Organization will collaboratively manage this special program offering children interactive learning and exploration opportunities at the museum and Clearwater sloop, with a focus on the Hudson River’s heritage and impact upon our everyday lives.


Sponsor a $50.00 Table and Volunteer a Scoop Team

To make the longest ice cream sundae in the world Boice Bros needs a lot of HELP!  They need Hudson Valley businesses, service organizations and residents to join in building ice cream history and help with the mission of Clearwater and the Hudson River Maritime Museum.

To get more information or sign up a team or become a sponsor, contact Boice Bros. today
at 845-338-3505 or [email protected]

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